“The race is on to rediscover a list of 25 species.”

Huffington Post  |  April 2017


Lost Species Blog

The Search for Lost Species is a campaign about hope and adventure. Our blog explores these amazing stories of species lost--and the incredible individuals on a mission to ensure they are found and protected.

Rediscovering Hope for the Longnose Harlequin Frog

A miracle. That’s how Ecuadorian herpetologist Dr. Luis Coloma describes his team’s rediscovery of a striking yellow-spotted frog, the Longnose Harlequin Frog, which had been lost to science since 1989 and feared extinct...

Ghost of the Andes Materializes in Haunting Moment

In 1988, GWC Program Manager of Wild Cat Conservation Jim Sanderson went to Chile in search of a ghost. With only two confirmed sightings of the Andean Cat, the species had begun to take on the element of the mystical...