Institutional Partners

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Global Wildlife Conservation

The Search for Lost Species is brought to you by Global Wildlife Conservation, an Austin-based organization that envisions a thriving Earth where all life flourishes. GWC conserves the diversity of life on Earth by preserving wildlands, restoring wildlife and engaging with global guardians.


The Search for Lost Species is a collaborative effort and we are grateful to our close strategic partners and sponsors. Learn about how we work with institutional partners and contact us at

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Turtle Conservancy

After surviving more than 200 million years and outliving the dinosaurs, turtles are now among the most endangered creatures on Earth. The Turtle Conservancy is dedicated to protecting threatened turtles and tortoises and their natural habitats worldwide. In doing so we also protect all the other biodiversity in these areas. We envision a world where all species ultimately thrive in the wild.

Australian Reptile Park

The Australian Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is regarded as one of the country’s premier attractions and is the only zoo in Australia committed to saving lives with a spider and snake Venom-Milking Program in place.

IUCN Species Survival Commission

The IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC) is a science-based network of more than 10,000 volunteer experts from almost every country of the world, all working together towards achieving the vision of, "A just world that values and conserves nature through positive action to reduce the loss of diversity of life on earth."

IUCN Small Mammal Specialist Group

The mission of the IUCN Small Mammal Specialist Group is to serve as the “global authority on the world’s small mammals through developing a greater scientific understanding of their diversity, status and threats, and by promoting effective conservation action to secure their future.”


Corporate Sponsors


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Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor® is the world's largest travel site, enabling travelers to unleash the potential of every trip. TripAdvisor offers advice from millions of travelers, with 500 million reviews and opinions covering 7 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions, and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features — checking more than 200 websites to help travelers find and book today's lowest hotel prices. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, reaching 390 million average unique monthly visitors in 49 markets worldwide. TripAdvisor: Know better. Book better. Go better.